1986 / La Plata / AR


Joaquin Wall (b. 1986, La Plata, Argentina) is a Transmedia Artist (A.T.A.M / U.N.A.), Sculptor (B.B.A. / U.N.L.P.) Cinematographer (C.P.F. / S.I.C.A.), and Performer. His work, essentially hybrid and experimental, draws on a variety of mediums, including performance, sculpture, choreography, video and installation.

In his works, performative and collaborative processes take place in sets, galleries, theaters and public spaces, questioning the border between art and life, property and co-creation, bringing notions of empathy, interconnectedness, color, spontaneity, resistance and adaptation.

By combining physical actions, materials, unpredicted opportunities and generally what is at hand, Wall constructs environments and situations to function as spaces of assembly for both participants and public. With this practice, he researches on experimental ways to create a sense of community, togetherness and revolt that can transcend or defeat cultural differences, languages and established social constructions.


Joaquin Wall, (b. 1986, La Plata, Argentina) studied Sculpture and Experimental Arts at the Fine Art Highschool of La Plata, and completed his education in Media Arts and Cinematography at the National University for Arts and the Film Industry School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2009 he participated in The Ever Mass Land residency program with Lucie Kolb, curated by BolWerk at Nadine Laboratory For Contemporary Arts, Brussels.

During 2012 he travelled the South American continent, exchanging and collaborating with local and migrant communities and participating in the Residency Program of No Lugar Arte Contemporáneo, Quito, Ecuador.

From 2013 to 2015 he joined a group of international film-makers based in Amsterdam around the Master Program of the Nederlandse Filmacademie, working in different projects both as author, actor or cinematographer, shooting both in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Later in 2015 he performed for La Comunidad, a Show by Nicolás Roses, co-produced and premiered at X F.I.B.A. (Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires, AR)

In 2016 he produced an inhabitable installation for Shifting Spaces, a 44-day collective occupancy of W139, Space for Contemporary Art, Amsterdam, NL.

In 2017 he was Artist-In-Residency at FLAM Forum for Live Arts, Amsterdam, where he delivered a series of public interventions, including a collective dance therapy and experimental canal tours. Later in 2017 his project REVOLVE an immersive dance ritual co-created with dutch filmmaker Bram Loogman was selected and produced by The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and Arte FRANCE and premiered at the 30th International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam (I.D.F.A. DocLab, 2017).

In 2018 the Fine Art Museum of Buenos Aires Province commissioned TRANS-MISION, a video sculpture with works from 2012 to 2018. As part of this exhibition, and together with Ahmed El Gendy, he performed UNO a UNO, a piece where both artists were tied to each other closely with a belt for a duration of 7 days.

In 2019 JUNTOS, a video documentary about this performance, was produced by El Gendy as his graduation piece for S.N.D.O. School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam, and premiered at the 15th International Independent Film Festival of La Plata, in September 2019.